Do you have options?  Or do you just have bodies?
- Japanese and Chinese Language Document Review -

Fluent Evaluators

Anyone can hire bodies, but most agencies cannot thoroughly evaluate bilingual skills other than through simple tests. They also usually only offer two options - barred or non-barred.  Soliton Cyber & Analytics offers much more.

Fluency - Our review management team offers improved evaluation of bilingual reviewers because our team speaks the language- fluently.  We understand which reviewers can understand the nuances of the language and which probably resort to Google Translate to figure out the uncommon Kanji.

Location - Like more review staffing agencies, we can source reviewers in the USA; however, our specialty is to tap the native-speaking review pools within Japan and China.  Jurisdiction or State Secret issues?  Don't take a risk!  Use native reviewers in-country to review documents.   Performing ECA or using predictive coding? Ji2 can provide a small team of translators or attorneys to work from your local office directly with your case team.

Levels of Reviewers:

  • Translator: Native speaker without legal experience or license.  Lowest cost solution.
  • Japanese JD (Japan only): Japanese law students that have legal education but have not yet passed the bar.
  • Chinese Solicitor (China only): Chinese attorneys that have passed the bar, but have less than one year of experience.
  • US-Barred Bilingual Attorney: Barred in at least one US jurisdiction with bilingual capabilities. This category applies to both Japanese and Chinese (various dialects) reviewers and rates are subject to fluctuations due to market demand.
  • Chinese Barred (China only): Experienced attorneys barred in China.
  • Japanese Barred (Bengoshi, Japan only): Experienced attorneys barred in Japan.
  • Japanese Ex-Prosecutors (Japan only): Extremely experienced attorneys licensed to practice law in Japan.  Ex-prosecuters are the elite of Japan's attorneys who have left public service and are suitable for the most nuanced, expert review.

Whether you need local bilingual attorneys in the USA or you need to dip into the vast pool of native-speakers in Tokyo or Shanghai, we stake our reputation on superior language skills and efficient, knowledgeable reviewers.



Document Review in the U.S.

Soliton Cyber & Analytics now offers Japanese and Chinese language review capabilities from New York, NY, Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles to augment our existing Tokyo and Shanghai offerings. Adding this service will provide law firms and corporations with greater options for all levels of review, whether they want to keep their client’s data in Japan or China or would prefer the review to be close to their offices.


Model Cases

Check our model cases for examples of how our services have been used for Investigations and Patent ECA to Trial



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