Ji2 Tokyo Review Center

For large and small projects


Ji2 Inc. (a division of Soliton Systems, K.K.) launched a review center in Tokyo which is flexible in design and can host various sizes of review teams from 10 to over 100 reviewers for our clients.  Ji2 Inc. has been pursuing efficiency and comfort for reviewers working in the Ji2 review center. Our review rooms are complimented by a meeting room, a refreshment room, and other amenities.  We can recruit a pool of 100% qualified JD (Law School Graduate) or Japanese-Licensed attorneys. Ji2 provides only TOP level reviewers with very competitive pricing for your Japanese review projects.


The Feature of Ji2 Review Center

  • 24/7 building security with security cameras
  • Entry Logs and ID Badge Control
  • Security management measures for reviewing computers
  • High speed internet connectivity
  • Dual flat-panel monitors
  • Large Screen TVs for Sharing Information with Reviewers
  • Systems for web/telephone meeting
  • Flexible to adapt any review platform

Inside the review center

Review room: Review rooms are individually secured and monitored and reviewers leave all personal items, including cell phones, in personal lockers outside of the review rooms.

Dual Monitor PCs:  Dual monitors and the comfortable layout make the reviewing performance more efficient and accurate.  PC USB ports are disabled for data security.

Meeting Room:
Meeting Rooms for a meeting with attorneys or review managers are available.

Card Key Lock:
Entry logs are controlled with ID Badge and the review computers are fully secure.

Surveillance Camera:
Surveillance cameras are installed in every room without any blind spots.