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eDiscovery in Asia often hides complexities behind the language barrier. Variances in IT standards, legal standards and time zones can wreak havoc upon the eDiscovery process and not all eDiscovery tools and vendors are equipped to notice, let alone correct the various issues. Meanwhile, litigation is increasingly becoming international in scope, requiring businesses to be able to work on both sides of the world concurrently. Ji2 has the experience and expertise to navigate difficulties in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English and provide client support from our offices in Tokyo and California.

Why Use Ji2?
Asian Expertise

Language, Culture & IT details vary significantly from the US standards; Ji2's experience allows for the application of US eDiscovery best practices despite inherent incompatibilities. More

Right-Sized Solutions

Many vendors, many options. We provide choices that fit the client's needs. More

Competitive and Predictable Costs

Ji2 expertise and eDiscovery best practices minimize the time required for each eDiscovery process from collections through production and ultimately, minimize costs. Throughout this site, Ji2 use cases demonstrate the value that Ji2 adds to the eDiscovery process in the form of efficient data processing, reducing irrelevant data for review, accelerating the review process and many others. In addition, when Ji2 can determine sufficient information about the case in advance, we can offer capped expenses for collections, processing and review.

Always Local Support

Many Japanese enterprises require for their data to remain in the country of origin because of security concerns and many law firms require data to remain outside of the US for jurisdictional concern. Ji2 provides options to store and review data securely both within Japan or from the USA. With offices located in the US and Japan, Ji2 has the resources and the capability to work both sides of the world smoothly for customer support in US and Japanese time zones. Our experience and comprehensive project management minimizes delays and disruptions that typically plague international discovery by providing customers with prompt and accurate support- regardless of where they are and where the data may be. We staff our offices with bilingual experts who help facilitate smooth communication among all parties, thereby reducing language-based project delays and ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

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