What makes Soliton Cyber & Analytics Unique

eDiscovery in China or Japan hides many complexities behind the language barrier. Variances in IT standards, legal standards and time zones can disrupt the eDiscovery process and impair the sanity of the case team.  Meanwhile, litigation is increasingly becoming international in scope, requiring businesses to be able to work on both sides of the world concurrently. Soliton has the experience and expertise to navigate these difficulties and a commitment to providing strong client support from Tokyo, Shanghai and California in Chinese, English and Japanese to support legal teams and litigation clients.


Key Advantages


Chinese Expertise (Language, Culture, IT, State Secret Review) Japanese Expertise (Language, Culture, IT); eDiscovery best practices (culling, etc.)

Right-Sized Solutions

Many vendors, many options. We provide choices that fit the client’s needs.

Time & Cost Savings

Soliton's expertise and eDiscovery best practices help to shorten each step of the eDiscovery process from collections through production providing a faster turn-around and, ultimately, lowered costs. Throughout this site, Soliton Use Cases, and understanding of EDRM differences in Asia demonstrate the value that we add to in the form of efficient data processing, reducing irrelevant data for review, accelerating the review process and other factors. We not only shorten the eDiscovery process, but we make it possible to reduce the most expensive and time consuming portion: Legal Review. Instead of wasting time reviewing junk, Soliton works actively with your legal team to concentrate on relevant documents and to review them efficiently and quickly!

Always Local Support

Native speakers, reduced travel costs, enhanced data security, client-focused customer service.  Many Chinese companies require State Secret review to be conducted in China and many Japanese enterprises require for their data to remain in Japan. Soliton provides options to store data securely within each country as well as options for review (data may be viewed from the US via web browsers once the data has been cleared for international review). With offices located in China, Japan and the US, Soliton has the resources and the capability to work both sides of the world smoothly. Our experience and comprehensive project management minimizes delays and disruptions that typically plague international discovery by providing customers with prompt and accurate support- regardless of what country they currently reside. We staff our offices with bilingual experts who help facilitate smooth communication between U.S. law firms, vendors and enterprises, thereby reducing language-based project delays and ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.

Data Security

Soliton's data center in Tokyo has received its ISO-27001 certification and we apply those same standards in China and the US.  As a subsidiary of an IT Security firm developing Cybersecurity products, we are also experts in how to monitor and counter attempts to breach our security to keep our client's data secure.