Model Cases - Document Review


In a large government investigation case, the law firm decided to conduct first pass review in Japan, where non-responsive documents were excluded, then proceeded to a second pass review at the firm’s office in the US.  This strategy allowed the team to quickly eliminate the high number of non-responsive documents pulled in by broad search terms.

For the first pass review, Ji2’s Tokyo-based, US-barred review manager ensured the 30 JD-level reviewers followed the direction and intent of the US-based case team’s review strategy and promoted both quality and speed.  For the second pass review in the U.S, 10 US-barred, bilingual reviewers were supplied to the law firm under their direct control and within their office.


Patent CASe: ECA to Trial

Shortly after receiving the subpoena for a patent matter, the case team hired three translators to work out of their US-office to review sample documents and produce summaries of key documents for the case team.

Once the opponent introduced an ITC complaint, the case schedule shifts radically, and the case team had to quickly process a large number of documents- half of which come from laboratory notebooks and the other half handwritten materials from labs in Osaka, Japan and manufacturing plants in Shanghai, China.

The case team enlisted a group of 10 reviewers in Taipei and 25 reviewers in Tokyo, Japan, to perform first pass review, categorize and summarize key documents for the case and feed documents to the expanded team of 20 US-barred reviewers based in Washington, DC who conducted the 2nd pass review of the ESI and paper documents.