International Review Benefits

International reviews over several advantages to US-based attorney review: Risk, Cost, Speed, and Flexibility.  While Soliton Cyber & Analytics can staff US-based licensed review (for a full overview, please see Review Staffing), many clients prefer to take advantage of our experience in internationally-based document review.  Our project management team oversees the review project and liaises between the US law firm and the Japanese or Chinese-speaking review team to ensure efficient communication of instructions, feedback and reporting.  Our native-language document review service also offers process planning, case management, coding design and privilege log production. For those clients that want more direct control, our facilities in Tokyo or Shanghai may be leased to accommodate client-supplied reviewers or the client may simply send their own supervising attorneys to oversee Soliton's review staff.

Key Benefits of Native-Language Review


Cross-border Investigations and Litigation introduces many Risk factors not present in a US-based matter:

  • Jurisdiction
    The US government has seized data residing within US law firms' offices for use in DoJ investigations.  For sensitive investigations, attorneys may need to leave the data overseas to protect against seizure.
  • State Secrets
    Chinese companies often do work for the Chinese government that may be construed as a state secret.  The Chinese state secret laws require that only Chinese citizens within China may view such documents so a review for state secrets may need to be conducted before any data may be exported or even viewed by US attorneys.  While less common in Japan, defense contractors to the Japanese government may face similar data export restrictions that limit review to Japanese citizens located within Japan.
  • Data privacy
    While less stringent than European Union privacy laws, Japan and China protect their citizens against the leak of personal data.  A review within the country of origin minimizes the export of data containing personal information.
  • Intellectual Property Security
    Clients often have concerns regarding the theft and security of sensitive corporate data.  A review within the jurisdiction of their home company often provides the client with a sense of control and assurance that only the specific data required for the litigation will be exported.


  • The supply of native-language reviewers is simply higher within Japan and China.  Costs for first-pass reviewers, particularly translators, may be reduced significantly compared to US-based review.
  • Cut cost by reducing data before translation.  In many cases, translation may be a burdensome cost to the client; native-language review can not only eliminate junk documents, reviewers may also provide summaries of key documents so that translation may be limited to only the key documents within the case.


  • For DOJ investigations, there are often overly-broad terms required that bring in many irrelevant documents.  Whether using predictive coding or traditional review, native reviewers can cut through the noise quickly and bring the important documents to the forefront. 
  • Native reviewers have historically reviewewed at a 30% faster pace than US-based reviewers when reviews are conducted concurrently (often US reviewers will not be native-born speakers).


  • Overseas review can be used to supplement or reduce the average cost of review when used in addition to a US-based review.
  • Gain extended review hours without overtime using both US-based and Internationally-based reviews.
  • Use our facility for client-supplied reviewers; supply supervising attorneys or enjoy hands-off fully-outsourced 3rd party review.
  • Utilize a full range of qualified candidates from experienced paralegal-level reviewers to fully-licensed US attorneys
  • Enjoy a full range of services from basic first-level review to initial summaries of critical documents during early case assessment to to full translation of documents.