Soliton Shanghai eDiscovery

Based in Shanghai, Soliton’s eDiscovery team provides data collection, data processing, data hosting and review services for clients whose data resides within China.  Our native-Chinese (Mandarin) Shanghai staff is bilingual (English/Chinese, Japanese/Chinese) to interact clearly and consistently with clients within China.  Our services may be white-labeled through other eDiscovery partners or we may be engaged directly by a client and we only provide what the client needs - we can provide either the full-range of services or just part of our offerings. 

Services offered
(click the links for each for descriptions and to investigate Asia-specific issues):

  • Forensic Acquisition (collection of data for eDiscovery, Cybersecurity Breach Investigation, etc.)
  • Data conversion (to Microsoft Standard file types or from Non-Unicode data to Unicode format)
  • Processing and search
  • Data hosting for review
  • Review Staffing
  • Document Review (state secret or first-pass)

What is different about projects in China?

  • Use of Encryption - different software, not typically available outside of China
  • State Secret Review (see below)

State Secret Review? 
No problem.  Different attorneys may have different interpretations for State Secrets, but two things are clear.  1) Even a subsidiary of a foreign corporation may possess data considered to be a State Secret by the Chinese government; 2) Only Chinese citizens should view the data until it has been cleared for export.  Soliton’s Chinese office has Chinese collection and project management staff that can work with your team to collect, search and stage the data for Chinese State Secret review to stay in compliance with Chinese law.