Soliton Cyber & Analytics (formerly known as Ji2 eDiscovery Tech) provides eDiscovery services, Investigation services and consulting for data security and management.

Soliton Cyber & Analytics supported law firms, corporate clients and other eDiscovery vendors on more than 200 cross-border litigations & investigations in Japan, China, Taiwan and the USA. We offer eDiscovery services primarily for cross-border matters.

The 2015 acquisition of Ji2's US and Tokyo offices by Soliton Systems, KK expands Ji2’s presence to include offices in Europe (Amsterdam, Copenhagen), Singapore and China (Shanghai) as well as to continue to ensure that we may provide our clients with expanded services and data security.

eDiscovery : Since 2008, Ji2 has provided a full range of eDiscovery services to clients in China, Japan the USA.  Now, a part of the Soliton family, we continue our tradition of excellent customer service and technical expertise as we focus on cross-border litigation and internal investigations.

Information Governance:  Although regularly neglected or overlooked, good information governance can dramatically lower the risk of damage during a Cyber Security breach and reduce the costs in the event of litigation.  Soliton provides infrastructure solutions and consulting to help companies identify, track and protect critical data and defensively dispose of unneeded data.

CyberSecurity : As an ISMS, ISO/IEC 27001, UL registered eDiscovery company, we have over 150 program engineers to support legal community requirements. Cyber security has become an increasingly complex issue for companies all over the world. Soliton Cyber & Analytics provides data security and risk management solutions to protect companies from employee misconduct, fraud, or external intrusions. 



ESI Data Security

Ji2's Tokyo office has been ISO-27001 certified and provides both electronic and physical data security for client's data stored either in our data center or in our lab. 

Review Staffing

Soliton Cyber & Analytics offers US-based Japanese and Chinese language review capabilities to augment our existing Tokyo and Shanghai offerings.

Document Review

The review centers in Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China are flexible in design and can host various sizes of review projects for our clients.  We provide a range of document reviewers from translators to licensed attorneys to suit each project's needs and budget.

eDiscovery Blog

"Ji2 eDiscovery Blog" is in Japanese to provide updated information on new legal cases and practices regarding eDiscovery.